Question and Answers

Q. How do I use Mushroom Matrix powders?

A. Simply add one teaspoon (2 grams) of Mushroom Matrix powder to your favorite juice, smoothie or recipe everyday! We recommend that you double dose for the first 3 weeks of use to accelerate results. For NRG Matrix, dilute one teaspoon or one stick into 12-16 oz. of water or juice. Shake & Enjoy!

Q. What is it good for?

A. Mushrooms have been traditionally used for thousands of years. Numerous published research articles have established the incredible health benefits of these unique and powerful tonic mushrooms. Each type of mushroom contains its own special benefits; naturally aiding wellness, brain health, sports performance and recovery.

Q. Should I take this with food?

A. It is not necessary but Mushroom Matrix powders can be added to juice/smoothies/beverages of your choice or added to your favorite recipe.

Q. Is it flavored?

A. Our 100% Organic Mushroom Powders are unflavored - they have a natural, “earthy” flavor.  NRG Matrix has a citrus-orange flavor (NRG Matrix is our only flavored product).

Q. Are there any other ingredients added to the Mushroom Matrix products?

A. No. In our Mushroom Matrix line there are no other ingredients, only Certified 100% Organic mushroom powder. NRG Matrix has added organic botanicals and natural flavoring to give you an instant energy enhancement.

Q. Can I take this with other medication?

A. Yes. While mushrooms are a natural product, we always recommend consulting your physician.


Q. Is it ok to take at any age?

A. Of course! Anyone from kids to elderly can use our mushroom powders. However, note that our NRG Matrix Product has a small amount of naturally derived caffeine.


Q. Are your products organic?

A. Our Mushroom Matrix products are Certified 100% Organic

NRG Matrix contains Organic Mushrooms and Organic Botanicals along with Natural Flavoring, so it’s “Made with Organic Ingredients”

Q. How are the mushrooms grown?

A. Our organic mushrooms are grown through full spectrum life-cycle including myceliated biomass and fruit bodies at our San Marcos, CA facility. We carefully dehydrate our mushrooms at low temperatures to retain all enzymatic activity and use UV light to increase naturally occurring Vitamin D. The result is a whole, raw food, gluten-free, non-GMO product with naturally occurring antioxidants and other vital nutrients. We are Certified 100% Organic and a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facility to ensure highest quality and efficacy.

Q. Where do your mushrooms come from?

Our mushrooms are grown in San Marcos, CA. by our sister company M2 Ingredients, all of our mushrooms are Certified 100% Organic. They are grown, processed, and packaged in San Marcos, CA. 

Q. Can I take multiple products safely?

A. Yes absolutely. There are synergies that can be beneficial when combining a variety of mushroom species.

Q. What is the difference between Fit Matrix and NRG Matrix?

A. Fit Matrix is a blend of mushrooms (primarily cordyceps and reishi) that help enhance oxygen delivery and cardiovascular support. Fit Matrix contains only Certified 100% Organic Medicinal Mushrooms for cellular energy, optimum fitness performance, and daily vitality. Fit Matrix is intended for the everyday athlete or individual looking for a natural and effective edge in training, performance, and daily immune wellness. Easily added to juice, smoothie or your favorite recipe. We took the same performance-based blend of Organic Medicinal Mushrooms found in Fit Matrix, and added Organic Botanicals (turmeric, ginseng, and yerba mate) along with natural flavoring to form a potent synergy of immediate energy, focus, alertness, long lasting energy and immune boost known as NRG Matrix. NRG Matrix is perfect for useas a pre-workout or mid-day pick-me-up in a convenient citrus- orange flavored powder that easily mixes with water.

Q. How much caffeine is in NRG Matrix? Is that a lot of caffeine?

A. NRG Matrix contains 119 milligrams of caffeine, derived from the Organic Botanicals. There is no synthetic or artificial caffeine added. This amount is comparable to a mild cup of coffee. Because our caffeine is derived from organic plant based sources, it works systemically with your body so it does not give you a “jittery” feeling.

Q. Will your mushrooms make me hallucinate?

A. No, they will not.