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Special Offer: Save 20% + Free Frother Scott’s 3 Favorite Mushrooms for Vibrant Health

“My favorites of the functional mushrooms are Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps and Reishi. I personally take them for endurance, energy, and focus.”

– Scott Schwenk, Master Meditation Coach

The Power of Presence Bundle

Nourish your whole self and get immune support from Scott’s favorite Om Mushroom Superfood.

  • Organic Lion’s Mane Powder (50 servings)
  • Organic Reishi Powder (50 servings)
  • Organic Cordyceps Powder (50 servings)
  • Free MilkBoss Frother

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  • Lion's Mane Mushroom Supplements
    Lion's Mane Mushroom Supplements

    “I take Lion’s Mane primarily for focus and protecting my brain.” – Scott

  • Cordyceps Mushroom Supplements
    Cordyceps Mushroom Supplements

    “Cordyceps, I take for sustainable energy flows.” – Scott

  • Reishi Mushroom Supplements
    Reishi Mushroom Supplements

    “I take Reishi for my immune support, and to go deep into meditation, effortlessly.” – Scott

  • Certified
    USDA Organic

  • Non-GMO
    Project Verified

  • Grown in
    the USA

  • At Least 2,000 mg
    Mushroom Blend
    Per serving

  • Whole Food