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The Globe Trotter Bundle

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  • Description

    For the person who loves to explore, lives in airports, and is always planning their next adventure, these products are specially formulated for immune and energy support.

    Bundle Includes:

    • Morning Energy Blend - 30 Servings Canister
    • Turkey Tail Mushroom Superfood Capsules - 90 Capsules / 30 Day Supply
    • Immune+ Mushroom Drink Mix - 10 Single Serving Sachets

    Om Mushroom Bundles are designed to help you jump start your daily mushroom routine. Each bundle has been curated to support a specific health goal.

    Since mushrooms are adaptogens, it’s important that you take them daily to reap the benefits. We recommend 2,000mg of mushrooms each day - and a double dose for the first few weeks to accelerate results. The bundles include a variety of formats (powder, capsule and functional beverage) so you can determine which product types best fit your lifestyle, and to ensure you get your double dose each day.

  • Supplement Facts

    Immune+ Mushroom Drink Mix
    10 Servings / Single Serving Sachets

    Immune+ 10pk Organic Mushroom Cold Drink Mix Supplement Facts

    Turkey Tail Mushroom Capsules
    30 Servings | 90 Count / Capsules

    The Globe Trotter Bundle supplement facts

    Morning Energy Blend
    30 Servings | 8.47 oz (240g) / Canister

    The Globe Trotter Bundle supplement facts
  • How to Use

    Mushrooms are adaptogens that must be taken daily to deliver health benefits. We suggest consuming a minimum of 2,000mg each day to see results. Consuming a double dose of 4,000 mg for the first three weeks, may help you see results faster. Having a variety of formats on hand can help you maintain consistency in your mushroom routine.


    How to use mushroom powders

    Mushroom Powder: Simply add one teaspoon (2 grams) daily to your coffee, tea, juice, smoothie or any other recipe.


    How to use mushroom capsules

    Capsules: Take 3 capsules daily with water. Especially good for travel or days when you are on-the-go.


    How to use mushroom functional drink mixes

    Functional Drinks: Mix with 8oz (or to taste) of hot or cold water, or milk alternative of your choice. Single serve packs are great to keep in backpacks, briefcases and purses, for an added dose of mushrooms throughout the day.