Q. How do I use Om mush­room powders?

A. Simply add one teaspoon (2 grams) of Om mush­room powder to your favorite juice, smoothie or recipe everyday! We recom­mend that you double dose for the first 3 weeks of use to accel­erate results. For Om Energy, dilute one teaspoon or one stick into 12 – 16 oz. of water or juice. Shake & Enjoy!

Q. What is it good for?

A. Mushrooms have been tradi­tion­ally used for thou­sands of years. Numerous published research arti­cles have estab­lished the incred­ible health bene­fits of these unique and powerful tonic mush­rooms. Each type of mush­room contains its own special bene­fits; natu­rally aiding well­ness, brain health, sports perfor­mance and recovery.

Q. Should I take this with food?

A. It is not neces­sary but Om mush­room powders can be added to juice/smoothies/beverages of your choice or added to your favorite recipe.

Q. Is it flavored?

A. Our 100% Organic Mushroom Powders are unfla­vored — they have a natural, “earthy” flavor.  Om Energy has a citrus-orange flavor (Om Energy is our only flavored product).

Q. Are there any other ingre­di­ents added to the Om mush­room prod­ucts?

A. No. In our Om line there are no other ingre­di­ents, only Certified 100% Organic mush­room powder. Om Energy has added organic botan­i­cals and natural flavoring to give you an instant energy enhance­ment.

Q. Can I take this with other medica­tion?

A. Yes. While mush­rooms are a natural product, we always recom­mend consulting your physi­cian.

Q. Is it ok to take at any age?

A. Of course! Anyone from kids to elderly can use our mush­room powders. However, note that our Om Energy Product has a small amount of natu­rally derived caffeine.

Q. Are your prod­ucts organic?

A. Our Om mush­room prod­ucts are Certified 100% Organic

Om Energy contains Organic Mushrooms and Organic Botanicals along with Natural Flavoring, so it’s “Made with Organic Ingredients”

Q. How are the mush­rooms grown?

A. Our organic mush­rooms are grown through full spec­trum life-cycle including myceli­ated biomass and fruit bodies at our San Marcos, CA facility. We care­fully dehy­drate our mush­rooms at low temper­a­tures to retain all enzy­matic activity and use UV light to increase natu­rally occur­ring Vitamin D. The result is a whole, raw food, gluten-free, non-GMO product with natu­rally occur­ring antiox­i­dants and other vital nutri­ents. We are Certified 100% Organic and a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facility to ensure highest quality and effi­cacy.

Q. Where do your mush­rooms come from?

Our mush­rooms are grown in San Marcos, CA. by our sister company M2 Ingredients, all of our mush­rooms are Certified 100% Organic. They are grown, processed, and pack­aged in San Marcos, CA.

Q. Can I take multiple prod­ucts safely?

A. Yes absolutely. There are syner­gies that can be bene­fi­cial when combining a variety of mush­room species.

Q. What is the differ­ence between Om Fit and Om Energy?

A. Om Fit is a blend of mush­rooms (primarily cordy­ceps and reishi) that help enhance oxygen delivery and cardio­vas­cular support. Om Fit contains only Certified 100% Organic Medicinal Mushrooms for cellular energy, optimum fitness perfor­mance, and daily vitality. Om Fit is intended for the everyday athlete or indi­vidual looking for a natural and effec­tive edge in training, perfor­mance, and daily immune well­ness. Easily added to juice, smoothie or your favorite recipe. We took the same performance-based blend of Organic Medicinal Mushrooms found in Om Fit, and added Organic Botanicals (turmeric, ginseng, and yerba mate) along with natural flavoring to form a potent synergy of imme­diate energy, focus, alert­ness, long lasting energy and immune boost known as Om Energy. Om Energy is perfect for useas a pre-workout or mid-day pick-me-up in a conve­nient citrus- orange flavored powder that easily mixes with water.

Q. How much caffeine is in Om Energy? Is that a lot of caffeine?

A. Om Energy contains 119 milligrams of caffeine, derived from the Organic Botanicals. There is no synthetic or arti­fi­cial caffeine added. This amount is compa­rable to a mild cup of coffee. Because our caffeine is derived from organic plant based sources, it works system­i­cally with your body so it does not give you a “jittery” feeling.

Q. Will your mush­rooms make me hallu­ci­nate?

A. No, they will not.