Mushrooms have been used in eastern cultures for thousands of years. We emphasize the pure whole-food, organic nature of functional mushrooms for use in everyday life.

Each species has it own unique benefits naturally aiding wellness, sports performance and recovery. Using the full spectrum life-cycle of the mushroom our products contain all the bioactive compounds in a balance created by nature.

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Super Antioxidant
Highly revered for anti-aging properties to retain your youthful vibrance.*
Energy, Stamina, Endurance
Originally discovered by Tibetan herdsman at high altitudes, Cordyceps optimizes oxygen uptake and delivery to increase vitality and endurance.*
Adaptogen, Immune, Longevity
Harmonize your longevity, energy and spirit with this superior immunity tonic.*
Lion's Mane
Memory Focus, Nerve Health
Focus and spark your mind for brilliant cognitive function.*
Turkey Tail
Holistic Defense, Immune Support
Elevate your wellness with one of the most researched of all medicinal mushrooms for its powerful polysaccharides (immunity activators).*
Supports Weight Control, Balances Blood Sugar
Optimize your body with full spectrum potency.*