Inside Look at Om Mushroom Superfood

We Grow our Om!

Do we love mushrooms?

You bet your beta glucans we do. We believe in growing our Om. There’s pride in our purity.

We’re all about being efficacious. Integrity is in our mycelium.

We believe in no nutrients left behind.

And being functional without anything funky added.

Positive vibes = positive lives.

Because at Om, mushrooms are our mantra. Ommm.

Why are our mushrooms so incredible?

  • Our organic mushrooms are grown through a full spectrum life-cycle including myceliated biomass and fruit bodies at our state of the art southern California facility.
  • We carefully dehydrate our mushrooms at low temperate to retain the bioactive compounds as they are found in nature.
  • The result is the highest quality whole-food, organic mushroom powders that can be a part of your healthy daily ritual.
  • Each mushroom species has its own unique benefits in naturally aiding wellness, sports performance and recovery.
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Scoop. Stir. Ommm Your Daily Ritual.

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