Mushroom Superfood

Let’s Talk Mushroom Life Cycle

Before we dive deeper into Om’s production process,
it’s important to talk about how mushrooms grow.

Fruiting Body

The most recognizable part of the mushroom is the fruit body which appears above ground for a short period of time. Its function is to produce spores for reproduction – then it will quickly die off in a few days.


Mushroom mycelium serves as the "great digestor" on our planet. In nature it digests organic matter so plant life can access nutrients that contribute to its growth. Mycelium have developed strong immune and enzymatic systems to survive in hostile environments and have unique compounds to this stage of the mushroom lifecycle. This is the most enduring stage of the mushroom lifecycle.

What is primordia?

You may see reference to primordia on some of our products. Primordia is simply a baby fruit body!

  • Mushrooms begin their growth stage when the spore germinates. A germinating spore must mate with a compatible spore type to advance to the next stage of growth.

  • The second is the mycelial stage. Mycelium must survive and thrive in very competitive environments.

  • The final stage is the fruit body that produces and releases the spore for the next generation of mushrooms. Fruit bodies generally last for only a few days in most mushroom species.

Whole Mushroom

Each stage has its own benefits, and that’s why Om uses the whole mushroom, including both the mycelium and the fruiting body.

“We have found that particularly with mushrooms, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.”

Steve Farrar - Om Co-Founder

  • 1. Growth

    Each species is grown in a controlled environment that’s catered to the mushroom's unique needs.

  • 2. Dehydrating

    The mushrooms are harvested then dehydrated at low temperatures to retain the natural bioactive compounds.

  • 3. Milling

    The dried mushrooms are then milled into the powders used in Om products.

Growth medium matters

Om grows every mushroom on organic gluten-free oats. Because many of these mushrooms grow on wood in the wild, the oats are kept intact with the hull, so the mushrooms have something challenging to break down.

By doing this, the mushrooms excrete more enzymatic activity, resulting in a wide array of nutrients.

Testing & Efficacy

After an Om product has been through the entire process and powdered or encapsulated, it’s sent for third-party testing to ensure quality. You can count on Om Mushroom powders to be:

In addition, every Om product contains 2,000mg or more of mushroom powder in each serving — an efficacious amount for the maintenance of everyday health.