For Optimal Performance & Vibrant Health

Mental Clarity

Helps Manage Stress

Natural Energy

The Blend of All Blends

For Optimal Performance & Vibrant Health

Daily support for:

Immune Health

Mental Clarity

Helps Manage Stress

Natural Energy

With Botanical Adaptogens

“This gives super focus and enough energy throughout the day. It doesn't give the jitters like coffee and I don't have any crash at the end of the day.”
Review by Brenda A. Verified Buyer
“I started mixing the powder in my daily shakes after coffee and energy drinks stopped working. I have energy that doesn’t make me sick or shake and I feel brighter and healthier already! Definitely going to be buying again”
Review by Emily H. Verified Buyer
“I add this to my coffee in the morning. The taste is something to get used to but past that, how I feel drinking it in the morning is a game changer. I am not a morning person and have to wake up at 5am. This gives me the added boost I need in the morning as well as helping me stick to my intermittent fasting. Will continue to use this product and recommend fully!”
Review by Reynaldo S. Verified Buyer
“I love your products. I alternate so I'm not sure which one is helping the most, but I'm experiencing better sleep, more energy and stamina. Thanks for creating them.”
Review by Jo G. Verified Buyer
“This stuff is amazing... especially in my coffee with the sweet Italian creamer... y’all should really try!”
Review by Yvette B. Verified Buyer
“This stuff is absolutely mind blowing! It should be a preworkout !!!!”
Review by Tiarra H. Verified Buyer
“Sustained energy!!! I wasn’t sure at first but my husband and I have both noticed a difference. This will be a regular staple in our diet.😊”
Review by Anna B. Verified Buyer
“Thanks for the availability of this product.....I have been chasing mushrooms since last Century and this is so refreshing....”
Review by Charles P. Verified Buyer

What's Inside

A Key Adaptogen

This “superior adaptogen” is known for helping the body adapt to mental and physical stressors, and balance and/or down regulate an overactive immune system. Reishi has also been studied for its cardiovascular health benefits.


  • Mental stress
  • Physical stress

A Key Adaptogen

Improves vitality and endurance naturally by supporting respiration, oxygen delivery and ATP synthesis. Cordyceps supports aerobic endurance in athletes and research related to general vitality in senior populations gives this mushroom species broad appeal. Cordyceps is also known for its ability to increase circulation.


  • Energy
  • Vitality
  • Endurance

A Key Adaptogen

Shiitake has significant therapeutic properties that include liver, cardiovascular and immune support. Research on the properties of its active ingredients has expanded the use of this mushroom to include applications ranging from oral health products to detoxification support.


  • Detox
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Immune function

A Key Adaptogen

This “king of medicinal mushrooms” has been used extensively by Traditional Healers in North America, Europe and Asia for centuries. Chaga contains a complex array of bioactive compounds with significant antioxidant and immunity-supporting activities.


  • Healthy aging
  • Immune function

A Key Adaptogen

Maitake contains an array of 1,3/1,6 beta-glucan compounds that have a positive impact on immune function. Maitake has also been shown to help support healthy blood-sugar levels and reduce insulin resistance.


  • Gut health
  • Healthy blood sugar

Lion's Mane
2 Key Nootropics

Along with its powerful antioxidants and immune-supporting polysaccharides, Om Lion’s Mane contains hericenones (from fruit bodies) and erinacines (from mycelium), two nootropic compounds with neurosupportive properties.


  • Memory
  • Focus
  • Clarity
  • Nerve Health

King Trumpet
With L-Ergothioneine

High levels of the antioxidant L-Ergothioneine, a naturally occurring antioxidant amino acid is found in both the mycelium and fruit bodies of King Trumpet. King Trumpet also has been researched for its positive effects on cholesterol management and bone health.

Agaricus Blazei
High Polysaccharides

This tropical species is native to Brazil and is known for its high content of polysaccharide compounds. Agaricus Blazei is also known for its effects on triglycerides and cholesterol management.

Super Immunity-Enhancing

Native to Taiwan, Antrodia has an abundance of research related to its liver protective and immunity-enhancing qualities.


  • Liver health
  • Healthy immune

Turkey Tail
A Key Adaptogen

One of the most researched of all medicinal mushrooms for its powerful polysaccharides. The beta glucans and other nutrients found in Turkey Tail support immune health.


  • Immune Defense

Holy Basil
Botanical Adaptogen

Helps promote resistance to occasional stress and anxiousness

Botanical Adaptogen

Traditionally used as an energy tonic in Chinese medicine

Ginko Biloba
Botanical Adaptogen

Supports cognitive health

Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan, and Grown in the USA

  • Certified
    USDA Organic

  • Non-GMO
    Project Verified

  • Gluten Free

  • Vegan

Who Should Take Master Blend?

Master Blend can help bring more focus, alertness, and clarity during high-pressure or multi-tasking days. If you struggle to maintain concentration and stay in the moment, our daily Master Blend supplement could be a great solution.

Daily Living




There are so many ways to add Master Blend Organic Mushroom Powder to your daily diet. Simply add one teaspoon daily to:

Coffee or Tea
(pasta, pizza, barbecue)
(brownies, milkshakes, cookies)
Dips (guac, hummus, bean dip)

Tips for Success


Set a daily routine you can stick with.
Consistent use is key!


Om Master Blend contains 2,000 mg of mushroom powder in every serving for the best results in maintenance of everyday health.

Double Up

If you’re just starting out with Master Blend, it’s recommended that you double your dose for the first three weeks for added results.

Consider keeping capsules and powder on hand for ultimate versatility.

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Have Questions?

Not to worry, we're here to help!

Is Om Master Blend Mushroom Powder flavored?

Om Mushroom Superfood Powders are unflavored and have a pleasant, natural, “earthy” flavor.

How do I use Om Master Blend Mushroom Powder?

Add one teaspoon (2 grams) of Om Mushroom Superfood powder to your favorite juice, smoothie, tea, coffee, eggs, oatmeal, soup, dip, or salad dressing. You can also add it to recipes, such as baked goods. Each serving provides 2,000mg of Om mushroom powders. We recommend you double dose for the first 3 weeks of use to accelerate results. Check out the recipes in our mushroom learning center for some new ideas.

What are the benefits of subscribing?

Subscribing gives you the peace of mind that you'll never run out of your favorite functional mushroom supplements. All subscription products save an instant 15%, starting from the first order and carrying through to all subsequent subscription deliveries.

How does my subscription work? How can I change my subscription?

As an Om VIP subscriber, you're in control. We'll send you an email a few days before we charge you and ship your next order. You're free to rush or skip an order, or cancel your subscription, at any time, right from your account page.

What do your certifications mean?

Everything we produce is tested and certified by third-party auditors. Our certifications for quality and food safety give consumers confidence in our products. We are the only mushroom supplement company to ever receive an AA rating from the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety. This requires the highest standards for operational, food safety and quality controls. All of our mushrooms are also certified organic, kosher and non-GMO. You can read more about our certifications from the USDA and other agencies here.

More questions? Find answers on our FAQ page, or contact our friendly customer experience team at

Why Choose  Om Mushrooms?

With their deep‑rooted passion for mushrooms, co‑founders Dr. Sandra Carter (M.A., MPH, Ph.D.), a 30+ year health and wellness expert, and Steve Farrar, a renowned mycologist, guide the Om team in creating innovative whole food mushroom products for daily living.

Om Mushrooms is all about amazing, functional, whole food, organic mushrooms with life changing health benefits.

- Dr. Sandra Carter, Co-Founder

From Carlsbad, California to Your Home

Om Mushrooms are grown in our clean, BRCGS-certified indoor farm in Carlsbad, California.

Om co-founder, mycologist Steve Farrar, with reishi

Growth Stage

Each species is grown in a controlled environment that’s catered to the mushroom’s unique needs.

Dehydration Stage

Mushrooms are harvested then dehydrated at low temperatures to retain the natural bioactive compounds.

Milling Stage

Mushrooms are milled into the powders used in Om products directly onsite.

Package & Ship

Products are packaged and shipped from our indoor farms directly to you!