Reishi mushrooms and adaptogen elixir
January 04, 2023

The What and How of Mushroom Adaptogen Elixirs

Mushroom adaptogen elixirs have captured the attention of the wellness world for their remarkable medicinal properties. Although these tonics date back centuries, we aren’t talking about a drink that grants you immortal life. Instead, an adaptogen elixir offers an easy way to receive the supportive benefits of adaptogenic mushrooms in the form of a convenient beverage. In this article, we discuss the ins and outs of these powerful, stress-reducing beverages.

First, What Are Adaptogenic Mushrooms?

Stress is inevitable. If it isn’t managed properly, it can impede our daily lives and hinder our ability to be productive. If you’ve researched ways to relieve stress naturally, you may have come across adaptogenic mushrooms. Adaptogenic mushrooms are specific types of functional mushrooms that offer unique benefits apart from their nutritional value. 

The following mushrooms contain the most adaptogenic activity: 

  • Reishi
  • Shiitake
  • Cordyceps
  • Chaga
  • Maitake

What makes these particular mushrooms unique is their ability to support immune health, stress, and hormonal balance. Our bodies are exposed to various environmental, physical, and emotional factors that pile on the stress every single day. Adaptogenic mushrooms help the body better cope with those hazards as adaptogens may help stabilize physiological processes and promote homeostasis. 

What Are Mushroom Adaptogen Elixirs?

A mushroom adaptogen elixir is made with adaptogenic mushrooms and goes a lot further than simply quenching your thirst. While mushrooms can be consumed in many ways, elixirs offer simplicity when it comes to receiving the benefits you need in one go.

Different elixirs can address different health needs; however, adaptogen elixirs are specifically known to produce calming effects. For example, reishi elixirs are known to promote feelings of tranquility and serenity while cordyceps elixirs can help keep your energy levels up while combating fatigue.  Each adaptogen elixir offers unique benefits with the overarching goal of helping support the body's ability to manage stress and achieve mindfulness. 

How Are Mushroom Elixirs Made?

While each company will differ in its process of creating mushroom elixirs, consistency and quality are always guaranteed with Om Mushroom Superfood®. Our elixirs are created using 100% certified organic mushrooms grown in an environmentally controlled, cGMP certified facility in Carlsbad, California. Our products are also created from whole functional mushrooms that have been carefully grown and monitored to meet each mushroom species unique needs. They are then dehydrated and milled into fine powders. 

A popular elixir we offer is the Mushroom Coffee Blend which contains lion’s mane, cordyceps, turkey tail, and reishi organic superfood mushroom powder, and Ginkgo biloba to help support focus, energy, and vibrant health. As a warming adaptogen elixir, our premium roast supports immune and cognitive health and gives you sustainable energy that lasts without the afternoon crash like coffee. It’s also effortless to make; just add one packet of our mushroom coffee blend to 10 oz. of hot water or milk, or serve cold for iced coffee. 

You can also add organic mushroom powder made with adaptogenic mushrooms, such as cordyceps or chaga, to smoothies, teas, or recipes to help keep your stress under control.

Mushroom Adaptogen Elixirs: The Power of Reishi

We offer an array of adaptogen elixirs, including those curated with reishi (often referred to as the "Elixir of Life") for supporting stress management and longevity. Reishi is a premier adaptogenic mushroom widely used in Asian countries for its superior medicinal properties. 

Our Reishi Organic Mushroom Powder is a natural adaptogen. When consumed regularly, it can help support the following: 

  • Immune health
  • Restored balance and tranquility 
  • Restful and quality sleep
  • Reduced feelings of anxiousness and stress
  • Improved focus and clarity

Enjoy this natural adaptogen by adding two daily teaspoons to your favorite drinks, or take three of our reishi mushroom capsules every day with water to keep stress to a minimum for enhanced calmness and balance. 

Mushrooms are one of the best sources of adaptogens and have been used for centuries in many different cultures for their ability to manage stress and fight fatigue. If you are looking to incorporate an elixir into your wellness routine, consider Om®


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Functional mushroom products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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