When choosing the best quality chaga mushroom supplements, it is essential to make key considerations.
December 07, 2021

How to Choose the Best Quality Chaga Mushroom Supplements


Chaga, whose scientific name is Inonotus obliquus, is the functional mushroom often chosen as a supplement to support healthier aging. If this appeals to you, there are a few things you should know. All chaga products are not equal when it comes to the criteria that affect their quality. When choosing the best quality chaga mushroom supplements, it is essential to consider how they are grown, sourced, processed, and certified to ensure that the product you select provides the bioactive compounds you are seeking without contaminants. Here are the facts about chaga and some key considerations to selecting the best quality mushroom supplements.

Why Choose Chaga Mushroom Supplements?

The potential health benefits of chaga are related to the bioactive compounds contained in the conk, a hardened black mass of fungal mycelium found on birch and beech trees in the colder regions of the northern hemisphere when growing in the wild. It has been traditionally consumed as a tea prepared by soaking the hard conks in water heated to between 150°F and 180°F. In this way, the hot water-soluble polysaccharides and antioxidants, such as ergothioneine, are most accessible. These compounds support:

  • Anti-aging or healthier aging: Research studies in vitro (tissue culture in the lab) have shown antioxidant potential in the polysaccharides of chaga. Many people take chaga to combat the oxidative stress that may cause premature aging through damage to body tissues, cells, and DNA. 
  • Energizing, anti-fatigue: Chaga has a mild stimulant effect. This fact and its slight vanilla flavor made it a popular substitute for coffee in some European countries during World War II when coffee and sugar were rationed. Research with mice given a hot water extract of chaga suggests it may delay physical fatigue and improve mental fatigue.
  • Immune system and gut health: The polysaccharides in chaga, including alpha- and beta-glucans, support a healthy immune system while the prebiotic fiber promotes a beneficial gut flora. 
  • Adaptogenic balance: Chaga is one of the adaptogenic mushrooms that supports the body’s ability to maintain homeostatic balance in spite of the many stresses encountered in a typical day. A daily dose of a chaga mushroom supplement supports the body’s ability to adapt and recover from stress.

With so many potential benefits, it is easy to understand why chaga has been used to support health and wellness for centuries from North America to Europe and Asia. Getting the most from your chaga mushroom supplement, however, necessitates finding a high-quality product. 

Considerations That Affect Product Quality

Despite the fact that chaga has been used in traditional medicinal practices across the northern hemisphere for hundreds of years, its use as a dietary supplement in the health and wellness space is more recent. With many products available, it is essential that you evaluate their quality and safety. Here are some of the key considerations:


The popularity of chaga mushroom supplements has led to overharvesting which threatens the supply of wildcrafted chaga conks. Mycologists and ecologists warn that over time the demand for this slow-growing fungus will not only drive up the price but will eventually deplete the supply of wild-harvested chaga.

Another major concern is the contamination of wild-grown chaga with heavy metals and radioactive isotopes. As bio-accumulators, mushrooms absorb both nutrients and toxins from their environment. In addition to heavy metals and radioactive compounds, chaga grown in the wild is subject to contamination from insects and microbes, as well as pesticides and other toxins.

By contrast, Om Mushroom Superfood has employed modern technology to grow chaga safely and sustainably under the Food and Drug Administration’s current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) standards at our indoor farm in Carlsbad, California. Our chaga mushroom supplements are grown and processed under the supervision of experienced mycologists to ensure the purity of species and safety from contaminants. 

Growth Method

Om facilitates the cultivation of chaga mycelium on grain substrates under controlled, hygienic conditions. By starting with an autoclaved, organic oat growth medium and filtered air and water, the potential for contamination is greatly reduced. This allows us to offer a sustainable and consistent supply of high-quality mushroom supplements.

Since our chaga is cultivated without the birch tree substrate that supports the wild-grown variety, it does not contain betulinic acid and has less melanin than that harvested on birch trees. Fortunately, the water-soluble polysaccharides and antioxidants desired for their health benefits have been demonstrated to be present and bioavailable in cultivated chaga


The entire manufacturing process is controlled from start to finish in our state-of-the-art facility for which we have earned the prestigious AA rating BRC Global Standard for international food safety. Our chaga mushroom supplements are grown, manufactured, processed, and packed under the strictest standards to deliver organic whole food nutritional mushroom supplements with life-changing benefits.

Product Certifications

To ensure the best possible product for our customers, each batch undergoes independent testing by a third party. This provides a reliable assessment regarding the quality of each. Our chaga mushroom powder is grown in the US and certified:

  • Organic
  • Non-GMO (not genetically modified)
  • Kosher
  • Vegan
  • Sugar and Gluten-free

Om chaga products contain a blend of mycelial biomass and primordia to capture the beneficial compounds of the full lifecycle spectrum. They are well-suited for inclusion in a keto or paleo diet.

Chaga Mushroom Supplements Are Available in Different Formats

If you are looking for the best quality chaga supplements to support healthy aging and promote efficient immune functioning and successful adaptation to stress, Om Mushroom Superfood has a range of products to meet your needs. 

Om Chaga Organic Mushroom Powder provides a versatile chaga powder blend. Just one teaspoonful per day provides 2,000mg of finely milled, whole food chaga powder that may be stirred into your morning latte, smoothie, or incorporated into a recipe.

Om Chaga Mushroom Capsules contain the same high-quality organic mushroom powder in a convenient capsule form for those who prefer to swallow their chaga mushroom supplement on the go.

In addition, Om has a variety of other blends containing chaga that support beauty, energy, respiratory and immune health.  Many of them offer convenient features such as single-serving sachets or the portability of capsules. Each provides the benefits of chaga grown indoors, free from contaminants, and tested to ensure the best possible quality. 


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Functional mushroom products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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