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August 17, 2022

Top Natural Supplements for Concentration: 2022 Edition

Between multitasking and frequent distractions, concentrating can be a real challenge sometimes. While the occasional loss of focus can be inconvenient, it can occur at any age and in various contexts. From students and gamers to parents, professionals, and seniors, many of us need help once in a while.

Now more than ever, it’s possible to adopt a proactive approach to health and wellness. Health-conscious individuals who experience concentration issues can improve their diet, physical activity, sleep, and other lifestyle efforts to support the cognitive functions needed for concentration. Supplementation is also a convenient way to obtain brain-supportive nutrients in this regard.

If you experience occasional lapses of concentration, natural supplements from animal, plant, and mushroom sources are available to compensate for nutritional deficiencies and support your wellness goals. By incorporating them into your daily routine, you can supply your brain with everything it needs to keep you focused throughout the day. Let’s look at 2022’s top natural supplements for concentration.

The Top Natural Supplements for Concentration and Improved Focus

When used daily, certain natural supplements can help support the brain and nervous system. These nutrients promote cognitive functions that play a role in memory, concentration, and focus. Below are a few of the top natural supplements for concentration in 2022:

Omega-3 Supplements

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential nutrients found in fish, nuts, oils, and seeds. They promote brain, eye, and heart health. While it is recommended that people consume two servings of oily fish each week to receive omega-3s, these natural nutrients are also often obtained via supplements. Fish oil capsules provide a convenient and accessible way to get omega-3s, while chia and flax seeds are good vegan alternatives.

Botanical/Herbal Supplements

There are several botanical/herbal products that support brain function. One of the best-known and most widely used botanicals is caffeine found in coffee and tea. High in antioxidants, caffeine boosts alertness and may support concentration when used in moderation. However, if that amount is exceeded, caffeine may cause jitters. Regular use may create a dependency that could result in headaches and fatigue when stopped. Still, caffeine remains a top botanical to support brain function.

Resveratrol is another botanical that may have a neuroprotective effect. Found in peanuts, grapes, and some berries, this powerful antioxidant can help the body combat damage caused by oxidative stress. While some people get resveratrol from food like red wine, others seek its benefits in supplement form.

Ashwagandha is another botanical that promotes concentration by improving energy and focus. Some research studies have demonstrated improved executive function, attention, and information processing from elderly patients who had received an ashwagandha supplement. This herbal extract used for thousands of years in the Ayurvedic medicinal practices of India is typically taken in capsule form.

Functional Mushroom Supplements

Mushrooms also support cognitive functions. Whether you’re looking to mitigate brain fog or enhance memory and focus, these fungi are among the top natural supplements for concentration. After thousands of years of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine, these mushrooms are now available as versatile and convenient supplements.

Lion’s mane is a well-known culinary and medicinal mushroom. As a food-based nootropic, it is one of the best mushrooms to support brain health. Nootropics are substances that support brain performance, including attention, concentration, memory, creativity, and mood. Bioactive compounds contained in the mycelium and fruit bodies of lion’s mane can cross the blood-brain barrier to support the growth and differentiation of nerve cells. A lion’s mane supplement is most effective when taken daily.

Reishi is another mushroom that supports brain health. As an adaptogen, this functional mushroom helps the body maintain homeostatic balance under physical or mental stress. Reishi supports concentration by promoting stable, long-lasting focus with daily supplementation. This is especially helpful when dealing with the challenges of a fast-paced, stressful day.

A Closer Look at Mushroom Supplements for Concentration

Though functional mushrooms have been used for centuries, they are relatively new on the supplement scene. And finding excellent products can be a challenge. Thankfully, Om Mushroom Superfood offers top natural supplements for concentration with an emphasis on quality.

All Om products originate from an environmentally-controlled, cGMP-certified indoor farm in Carlsbad, California. Under the watchful eye of our experienced mycologist, our team fine-tunes the growing conditions (light, temperature, hydration, and airflow) of each of our 11 species of mushrooms. This process allows us to optimize the growing cycles and unique benefits of each species.

After harvesting, Om mushrooms are dehydrated at low temperatures to preserve their nutrients and bioactive compounds. The dried mushrooms are milled and powdered or encapsulated. Each product is then sent for third-party testing to ensure its quality. Om products are made from organically-grown mushrooms; they are certified Kosher, gluten-free, and non-GMO Project Verified.

In addition to the advantages inherent to their careful cultivation and processing, Om products also offer the benefits of a whole food product. That’s because Om includes the whole mushroom, including its mycelium and fruit body, in each product. This ensures you receive all of the nutrients, bioactive compounds, prebiotic fiber, and extracellular compounds of each and every functional mushroom.

Natural Mushroom Supplements for Concentration

Om Mushroom offers several products that leverage the unique benefits of lion’s mane to support the brain and nervous system.

  • Om Lion’s Mane Certified Organic Mushroom Powder blend: Featuring hericenones from the fruit bodies and erinacines from the mycelium, this powder blend contains all of the nootropic benefits of lion’s mane. Just a teaspoonful mixed into a hot beverage or a smoothie provides a 2000mg dose of this exceptional mushroom. This organic mushroom powder is also available as a capsule.
  • Om Brain Fuel Capsules: For a specially-curated blend that combines the brain-supporting power of lion’s mane with the adaptogenic power of reishi, try Brain Fuel Mushroom Capsules. With the combined might of these two powerful mushrooms and 800 mcg of folic acid (a building block for healthy cells), each three-capsule dose promotes mental clarity while supporting focus and alertness.
  • Om Organic Oatmilk Creamer with Lion’s Mane Extract: This new product from Om pairs organic oat milk creamer with the brain-supporting benefits of lion’s mane extract. Available in vanilla, Mexican chocolate, and unflavored varieties, there’s an option for just about everyone. Simply add a ¾ teaspoon scoop to coffee, tea, or any other hot beverage to support cognitive function.

With these and other functional mushroom products available to support your cognitive health, there’s no better time to improve your focus than now. All Om products are convenient, safe, and effective—making them an essential component of any wellness routine.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Functional mushroom products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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