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October 14, 2021

6 Amazing Benefits of Adding Adaptogenic Mushroom Powder to Coffee


Enjoying a cup of coffee is often an experience many of us have daily. And while this delicious beverage often brings the surge of energy we seek in the early morning; we don’t often think about the nutritional factors coffee can offer. 

Adding a simple ingredient to your coffee each day can help to enhance wellness and promote a variety of beneficial factors to your health. But not just any ingredient can bring such harmony; adaptogenic mushrooms are the key. Notable for their use in Traditional Chinese Medicine, to now gaining popularity amongst many for their supreme health advantages, adaptogenic mushrooms are changing the way people enjoy their morning cup of joe. 

You may have come across the term “adaptogens” in your research regarding functional mushrooms, and we have explored everything you need to know about mushroom coffee. But now, we will explore how adding an adaptogenic mushroom powder blend to your brewed coffee can provide tremendous health benefits. 

What Are Adaptogenic Mushrooms?

Adaptogenic mushrooms provide amazing health benefits that help support the body in its ability to handle stress. The term “adaptogen” originated in 1940 from a USSR scientist, N. Lazarev, to describe natural herbs that could support the body. Adaptogens help maintain homeostasis and can offset negative physical effects on the body caused by external stress. 

Many mushrooms have immune-supporting properties, however, adaptogenic mushrooms are specific to stress-reducing properties. Such species of mushrooms that can produce adaptogenic effects include:

  • Cordyceps: Works to provide oxygen support to increase endurance and minimize fatigue
  • Chaga: Provides immune support, aids in antioxidant production
  • Reishi: Helps to relieve anxiousness and provide immune support 
  • Shiitake: A culinary mushroom offering oral health and detoxification support 
  • Maitake: Helps to support blood sugar levels to reduce insulin resistance and supports immune function

By adding the adaptogenic mushrooms to your morning cup—in a powdered supplement form—you can reap the many health benefits. 

The Benefits of Adding Adaptogenic Mushroom Powder to Coffee 

Adaptogens are best when consumed consistently. This allows your body to gradually receive nutritional benefits over time, allowing for optimal results. The adaptogenic mushrooms that you would add to your coffee, in this case, are mushrooms that have been dehydrated and milled into powders. This process makes consuming the beneficial nutrients of each mushroom species convenient, as powders can be easily incorporated into coffee, smoothies, and other recipes. 

Let’s explore the top six benefits of adding adaptogenic mushroom powder to coffee. 

1. Stress Support

As discussed above, adaptogens are primarily known for their ability to assist the body in managing stress. When an adaptogenic mushroom such as reishi, for example, is added to coffee, it can provide a variety of attributes. Studies suggest that taking reishi can limit anxiousness, restore balance, and help improve sleep quality. 

2. Immune Support

Functional mushrooms possess immune-supporting compounds. Mushrooms, in general, include beta-glucans and prebiotics. Beta-glucans help activate and potentiate the immune system, and prebiotics support gut and brain health providing overall wellness.   

3. Increased Energy Levels

Caffeine found in coffee helps to increase energy levels. By adding adaptogenic mushrooms to your coffee, you’re taking advantage of the caffeine as well as the species of mushroom that naturally support energy levels.  

4. Improved Sleep Quality

Severe stress can cause concerning health risks. Adaptogenic mushrooms can assist in reducing anxiousness. With the mind at ease, the quality of sleep can be improved.  

5. Memory Support

Adaptogenic mushrooms can promote the growth and function of nerve cells. This helps improve concentration and memory. 

Choose a Quality Adaptogenic Mushroom Coffee Blend

Adding adaptogenic mushroom powder to your morning cup can provide a variety of benefits. But when curated with coffee into a functional ready-mix beverage—adaptogenic mushroom coffee—you have a convenient and natural way to support your body’s needs. Om Mushroom coffee blends are expertly crafted with rich, full-bodied 100% Arabica beans harvested in Papua New Guinea. Om’s coffee blends include more mushrooms per serving than other brands of mushroom coffee and are comprised of mushroom species that contain adaptogenic benefits to promote energy and focus.

If you are not a big coffee drinker but are looking to experience adaptogenic mushroom benefits, Om offers a coffee latte blend that is combined with organic lion’s mane, reishi, cordyceps, and chaga superfood mushrooms, and astragalus for energy and vibrant health. Our hot chocolate blend is rich in premium, Dutch cocoa packed with flavonoids. This delicious, functional beverage is combined with organic lion’s mane, reishi, chaga and turkey tail superfood mushrooms, plus ashwagandha for centering and vibrant health.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Functional mushroom products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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