With nicknames like the “elixir of life” and the “mushroom of immortality,” why wouldn’t you want Reishi to be a part of your daily routine? But can you take Reishi every day? Here, we’ll walk you through some of the benefits of reishi mushroom, how often we recommend you consume it and a few easy ways to incorporate it into your diet.

Reishi’s Benefits for the Body

Reishi was revered long before contemporary researchers could validate its benefits and history of therapeutic uses. In ancient China, the mushrooms were reserved for royalty to improve health and extend life.

Studies now show that Reishi mushrooms are chock-full of nutrients, beta-glucans, triterpenes and other bioactive compounds that play a role in a breadth of bodily functions and systems, and that the mushrooms can support a healthy, strong immune function, and help the body find homeostasis during times of stress, and even suppress histamines and alleviate some of the symptoms of allergies.

Specifically, reishi mushroom supplements are known for such health benefits as:

  • Support a healthy, strong immune system. By increasing the activity of natural killer cells (a white blood cell that helps defend your body against pathogens) and even positively affecting the genes in white blood cells, reishi mushrooms are a potent tool to help your immune system stay strong throughout the year.
  • Help the body find homeostasis during times of stress. Homeostasis refers to the way your body dynamically responds to stressors and changes in the environment to maintain steady-state conditions. It’s a crucial part of, well, staying alive. When poor dietary and lifestyle factors (such as a bad night of sleep, junk food or too much alcohol) throw our bodies out of balance by triggering a stress response, Reishi is an ingredient that acts as a powerful adaptogen: a substance that can help our bodies maintain homeostasis. 

Some even call reishi “nature’s chill pill,” and they’re not wrong — reishi is unique in that it’s rich in triterpenes, which are mood-boosting compounds that can alleviate stress.

  • Improve sleep. In one study on rats, Reishi was shown to increase total sleep time and non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep time over the course of three days. Researchers hypothesized that this was due to Reishi’s ability to modulate cytokines such as TNF-α.

Is it Safe to Take Reishi Every Day?

Yes! For many people, taking reishi supplements every day can be a safe and effective way to experience its full range of benefits. As with many natural superfoods and adaptogens, their results aren’t immediate or even immediately noticeable, which is why it’s important to take the recommended dose (a teaspoon, for Om Reishi Mushroom Powder) consistently over a long period of time to experience optimal results.

As with any dietary supplements, it’s never a bad idea to consult your herbalist or healthcare professional to make sure that Reishi is right for you and safe to take daily. If you’re pregnant, taking any medications, or suffering from preexisting conditions, take the time to do your own research, as well as speak with a medical professional for advice. 

If you’ve been taking Reishi every day for a while now (or plan to), be sure to listen to your body. Pay attention to the way your body responds to Reishi at different times of the day. Does it help you sleep when you take it in the evening? Does it take the edge off your stress in the morning or early afternoon? Take your body’s cues and let them guide you as you better understand how to leverage Reishi’s benefits to maximize your productivity and elevate your well-being. 

Easy Ways to Incorporate Reishi Every Day

Don’t worry — adding Reishi to you daily routine can be hassle-free. Om’s line of Reishi products is designed to meet the needs of even the busiest people, so you don’t have to worry about extra steps or complicated recipes. 

If you’re always on a time crunch and don’t find yourself in the kitchen too often, consider purchasing a bottle of Reishi capsules that you can take with your meals. Reishi powder is a great culinary tool that you can add to everything from ramen noodles to yogurt honey cups. Since Reishi has a mild, neutral flavor, you can mix it into soups, drinks, smoothies and more without changing the flavor.

We also offer a range of broths and drink mixes that already contain Reishi and some of our other superfood mushroom species. Use our Mighty Beef Bone Broth, which contains Reishi, Lion’s Mane and Shiitake, as a base for your next soup or stew (or our Mighty Mushroom Broth for an umami-rich vegan alternative). Need a cold summer drink? Whip up a naturally sweetened mid-afternoon tonic loaded with Reishi, Maitake and other immune-supporting ingredients with Immune+.

Only Take High-Quality Reishi

If you’re going to take Reishi every day, be sure to find a reputable, high-quality Reishi product. After all, taking Reishi that hasn’t been produced with care and integrity could lead to potential health risks down the road. We’re proud to provide some of the best Reishi on the market, grown by mycologists in our very own GMP-certified indoor farm in California. Our products are organically grown and contain both the fruiting body and mycelium for the ultimate nutrition and quality. You can learn more about our process — and how to choose a high-quality mushroom product — here.


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