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5 Easy Summer Dinner Ideas for the Whole Family

Summer evenings are a special time for many families. Maybe you like to eat in your backyard, or you simply have more time to be together while school is out. Whatever your summer habits as a family, keep reading for some fun and easy dinner ideas that even the little ones will love — and can get involved in.

Prep a Salad Everyone Will Love

Salads are anything but boring — if you do them right! A chopped Mexican salad is a colorful, nutritious option that’s perfect for those sunny days. Once you’ve got the ingredients chopped up, get your kids to toss it with this creamy Cordyceps avocado and jalapeño sauce, using Om’s Cordyceps powder for an energy boost. For a hearty meal your active family will love, try a BLT-inspired chicken, avocado and feta salad, tossed with a strawberry balsamic shroom dressing — it doesn’t get much better. For a “salad” that integrates some carbs, a bliss bowl is the way to go. With all these recipes, feel free to get creative, substituting elements your loved ones don’t, well, love for their favorite ingredients.

Noodles, But Make Them Cold

Pasta and noodle salads are a wonderful alternative to their hot counterparts when the temperature climbs. Not only are they super versatile, but you can also make them hours in advance of dinner time, or even the day before. On the Italian side, why not make up a batch of pesto pasta salad, chock-full of tomatoes, pine nuts and peas, then tossed with a super-quick Chaga pesto sauce? A Thai noodle salad with peanut sauce is perfect for families that like a bit more heat, thanks to the jalapeños and cayenne. For a nutritious boost, swap the soy sauce and lime for Om’s immune-supporting Beef Bone Broth or Mighty Veggie Miso Broth. These take under five minutes to prepare, and come with a whole host of benefits.

Fire Up the Grill

Nothing says “summer” like the smell of grilling. Whether it’s your oven grill or a barbeque, there’s something for everyone. You could grill the perfect steak for the carnivores in your life, or get messy with classic grilled pork ribs, served with mac ‘n’ cheese and some greens. You could also grill some veggies like peppers or eggplant, for the perfect finishing touch to your noodle salad.

Dessert, Anyone?

Hopefully, you’ve kept some room for dessert. Get your whole family to help make and decorate these mini chocolate Reishi donuts, a more nutritious twist on the classic fried rings that will be an instant favorite. They use Om’s Reishi powder for vitality and immunity. Cherry Chaga pops are another great idea for warm weather, and they’re a piece of cake to put together. Otherwise, a simple fruit salad is always a crowd pleaser.

Stay Hydrated

On hot days, it’s important to replenish the fluids in your body, so make sure you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the day. For something a bit more interesting to accompany your dinner, you could break out your juicer for a beauty + vibrance juice that’s healthful and tasty, or create a non-alcoholic punch using your favorite flavors. Who could resist this raspberry sherbet punch or this citrus-peach cooler? Add some Om Immune powder to any cold drink to help support your family’s immunity.

It’s simple: some foods just taste so much better on a warm summer’s night. Add these easy summer dinner ideas to your repertoire and get everyone to help — bonding moments guaranteed.


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