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There won’t be many festivals or much faraway travel this summer, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great time. You can even feel at your best by creating a summer routine that works for you. You’ll need your alone time, but you should still find time to socialize responsibly. It’s great to get outdoors, and just as important to properly rest. Like many things in life, it’s all about balance.


Claim Some Me-Time

Creating a summer morning routine is a perfect way to make sure you get some time to yourself every single day, which is important for your mental health. Try starting your day by hydrating with a nutritious drink using Om’s Matcha Latte Blend, which combines matcha for antioxidants — among other health benefits — with Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Turkey Tail and Chaga superfood mushrooms, plus Tulsi for vibrant health. If a cup of joe is more your speed, opt for the Coffee Latte Blend. Take this time to sit and relax, and perhaps meditate to get yourself in the right mindset for the day ahead, or try journaling. Mindfulness is especially important in these stressful times.


Get Outside

In recent months, many people have spent much more time cooped up indoors than they might have before. With that in mind, getting out in nature is essential for protecting your mental health — and thankfully, the warmer weather makes it easier to do so. Whether alone, with someone from your household or with a close friend (staying six feet apart), consider heading out for a leisurely stroll in nearby parks, wooded areas or beaches if they’re open. At the very least, make sure to get out in your backyard, walk barefoot on the grass (known as “grounding” or “earthing”), or sunbathe responsibly. If you’re going for a more-strenuous activity, like hiking or climbing, pack an ice-cold Om Energy+ Citrus Orange drink in a thermos for a boost without the crash.


Catch Up With Loved Ones

The current health crisis can be an isolating time, so carve out time in your daily routine to reconnect with friends and family in your household and outside of it. This could mean asking them to tag along on your hike or be as simple as hopping on a phone call or Zoom calll. You could also plan a small get-together, keeping it outside if at all possible to reduce the risk of virus transmission, while sipping on a Beauty + Vibrance Juice to keep yourself hydrated.


Curl Up With a Book or Movie

Both reading books and watching movies can significantly improve your overall well-being. They are powerful ways to educate yourself about issues that matter for your community and beyond, as well as providing a sometimes-needed escape from difficult moments. While many activities are still off-limits as the pandemic goes on, now is the perfect time to work your way through those “to read” and “to watch” lists. For your evening reading or viewing session, skip the theater-style soda and enjoy an Om Vegan Golden Milk Latte instead.


Create a Wind-Down Routine

Stress can have a negative effect on how well you sleep, and sleep deprivation can lead to a number of health issues, which is why it pays to find a de-stressing routine before bedtime that works for you. To help you get a better night’s sleep, your evening habits are very important. Even though the sun may set later in the summer depending on where you live, start thinking about winding down an hour or two before you actually go to bed. From that time, avoid looking at screens, or at least turn on your devices’ night mode so you’re not getting excess blue light exposure. Focus instead on relaxing activities, including some of those mentioned above — meditating, reading, journaling … Sip on an Om Hot Chocolate Blend to help you chill out even more.


Creating a balancing, stress-reducing summer routine is important for your well-being, and easy to adapt to your lifestyle and personal preferences. You’ll be amazed how integrating a few small habits into your day-to-day routines can improve your mood and overall health.


Iris Goldsztajn is a London-based writer and editor with six years of experience creating content for various outlets. Her work has appeared in Cosmopolitan, InStyle, POPSUGAR, Her Campus, ProTravel and more.



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