Four Ways You Can Change Your Manic Moments Into Mindful Moments

Learning the skill of mindfulness is a marathon, not a sprint. The next time you start to feel that surge of stress or anxiety, here are 4 tips to keep you mindful, not manic.

  1. SIP A RELAXING REISHI ELIXIRReishi, sometimes also referred to as the "herb of spiritual potency” is a powerful mushroom superfood that supports a calm, balanced energy and helped to harmonize energy and spirit. It’s an adaptogen that helps support a positive stress response and can help calm nerves and worries. We love to add it to a soothing matcha latte for a powerful antioxidant + apoptogenic blend.
2. GET OUTSIDE! –  Sunlight is one of the most underestimated therapies for mood. Some research indicates low levels of vitamin D play a role in increased anxiety levels. Getting outside in the middle of the day for 10-15 minutes not only supports Vitamin D levels but gives you a chance to press reset on your anxious moments. We recommend talking a quick walk, taking a book break outside or using the time outside to call a friend and say hi!
  3. JOURNAL – putting pen to paper is one of our favorite ways to boost mindfulness. We spend so much time on keyboards and using a good old-fashioned pen + paper helps us to slow down and be present. Taking 10-15 minutes a day to write out intentions and affirmations for yourself is a powerful mindfulness tool. It helps to do this first thing in the morning and sets your day up on a positive note!
  4. TAKE A 15-MINUTE DIGITAL DETOX BREAK – too much screen time can lead to increased nerves and scattered thoughts, like a browser with too many tabs open! One of our favorite mindful moment hacks is quick digital detox. Putting your phone, computer and televisions away for 15 minutes gives you an opportunity to decompress, sit in stillness and quiet, and relax your eyes, mind and body. You can do this by going outside, sitting in a quiet space or even taking 15 minutes to read a book.

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