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Barbeque in the Age of Social Distancing

How to Throw a Barbeque Party in the Era of Social Distancing

by Iris Goldsztajn

June 27, 2020

hot drinks, mighty broths, powders

Depending on where you are, when you’re reading this and your personal comfort levels, what you can and can’t do during the coronavirus pandemic is confusing and ever-changing. However, in many places around the country, it is now acceptable to congregate in small groups as long as you’re careful. That means your barbeque party is a go! Keep reading for tips about how to throw the perfect get-together that’s safe, intimate and budget-friendly.


An Intimate Gathering

While experts advise that it’s fairly safe to hold a small gathering in an outdoor space, don’t forget that the pandemic is still ongoing. Sit at a safe distance from one another (approximately six feet) and you may even consider making it a BYO party so you’re not sharing food. Another alternative might be to wear disposable gloves while serving food from shared dishes to your guests. Whatever you do, make sure everyone is washing their hands thoroughly before and after the meal. Finally, if anyone from outside your household needs to use your bathroom, provide cleansers, hand sanitizers and wipes, and ask guests to disinfect the toilet seat and taps after use.


Catering to Carnivores

Burgers and hot dogs are a must for your meat-eating guests, and they’re usually pretty affordable, too. If you want to get a bit more creative, we love the idea of Swedish meatball burgers made with egg, breadcrumbs, nutmeg and garlic powder. For a twist on your classic dogs, why not serve brats with sriracha mayo? If you’re looking for a way to dress up chicken or pork, you could marinate those in a tasty ginger soy sauce before grilling. Finally, a nice quinoa salad makes a great side dish — try cooking the quinoa in tasty Om Mighty Beef Bone Broth or Mighty Veggie Miso Broth for a vegan alternative. Both broths contain organic protein and a special blend of functional mushrooms to promote memory, focus, clarity and nerve health.


Delicious Veggie Ideas

Speaking of vegan alternatives, there are so many amazing BBQ recipes you can make for your veggie guests. You can grill pretty much any vegetable on a barbeque — from romaine to zucchini and many more in between. Not only does this give them a delicious smoky taste, it’s also an affordable solution for feeding a group. For something a bit fancy, try garlic and herb zucchini or grilled Mexican street corn. For slaw with a difference, this raw beet and fennel recipe is a sure crowd-pleaser. And because no summer BBQ is complete without a selection of dips, whip up a batch of power guac, lemon basil spread or spicy hummus.


For the Drinks Table

You’ll need delicious drinks to complement your feast. If you’re able, it’s best to avoid alcohol, since that could make your guests less cautious about distancing. Instead, opt for a refreshing punch made with strawberries and watermelon, for example, or a homemade lemonade to accompany the food. To round off the meal, serve an iced coffee latte or Matcha latte made with Om’s handy powders, which are full of functional mushrooms for vibrant health. For the kids, cherry Chaga pops are the way to go.


Even in this era of social distancing, it’s still possible to throw a backyard barbeque party that’s safe, memorable, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. To find more great recipes for your summer gatherings, head over here.


Iris Goldsztajn is a London-based writer and editor with six years of experience creating content for various outlets. Her work has appeared in Cosmopolitan, InStyle, POPSUGAR, Her Campus, ProTravel and more.



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