How to Use Reishi Mushroom Powder to Support Your Mental Health & Immune System
August 03, 2021

How to Use Reishi Mushroom Powder to Support Your Mental Health & Immune System

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Revered in Eastern medicine for millennia as the “Mushroom of Immortality,” reishi is one of the most well-known of all the medicinal mushrooms. Now known throughout the world, this dietary supplement now represents 2% of worldwide supplement sales. As a functional food, reishi provides multiple benefits that support a variety of the body’s physiological functions.

Two of reishi’s primary benefits relate to balance. As an adaptogen, reishi supports the body’s natural ability to maintain its delicate balance. From a mental health perspective, this means helping the body adapt and respond to stress. In terms of the immune system, a balanced response activates an immune response before it can cause damage. 

Recent world events have challenged our mental and physical health. It has never been more important to ensure that your immune system is working up to its potential. If you are curious about this functional mushroom that so many people around the world are using, you may be wondering how it might impact your life. Learn how to use reishi mushroom powder as a supplement to support both your mental health and your immune system. 

How To Use Reishi Mushroom Powder To Support Your Mental Health

By virtue of its adaptogenic properties, reishi helps support the nervous system and your mental health. When the physical and mental stresses encountered during the day take a toll, the body’s response is key to maintaining emotional balance or equilibrium. 

Reishi is one of a small group of functional foods—herbs and mushrooms—that have been identified as adaptogens. These products made from living organisms support the body’s ability to adapt and maintain balance by stabilizing its physiological processes. “Adaptogens help your body handle stress,” says Dr. Brenda Powell, co-medical director of the Center for Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness Institute. “They’re meant to bring us back to the middle.” She suggests that adaptogens train the body, the way exercise conditions our muscles. 

As a dietary supplement, dehydrated reishi powder may have a neuroprotective effect. Triterpene compounds found in reishi may support cognitive function and stabilize mood. Making reishi a regular part of your relaxation strategy may help you support dynamic equilibrium by blunting the peaks and valleys and keeping you on an even keel.

Reishi mushroom powder in warm tea or golden milk latte sipped one-half hour before bed can support short-term relaxation. When included as part of your daily routine, reishi supports long-term homeostatic balance. Include reishi organic mushroom powder in your savory and sweet recipes to eliminate anxiousness and build support for a stable mood. 

Using Reishi Mushroom Powder to Support a Healthy Immune System

A healthy immune system protects our bodies from invading pathogens, including bacteria and viruses. When healthy, our immune system also protects us against issues caused by our own cells replicating out of control. Reishi contains polysaccharides that support healthy immune functioning.

Rich in beta-glucans, reishi and other functional mushroom powders act as immune system modulators. Immunomodulators activate immune cells when appropriate and calm the immune system when it is overstimulated. Reishi’s polysaccharides are believed to activate important immune cells, including lymphocytes, macrophages, and natural killer cells.

Supporting a healthy immune system is a proactive move that will help your body protect itself against future challenges. Our bodies are equipped with a very sophisticated immune defense system. Fine-tuning and supporting your body’s innate defense mechanisms can strengthen your response to infection.

Making Reishi Mushroom Powder a Part of Your Daily Routine

It is easier than you may realize to harness the adaptogenic power of reishi in your daily routine. Adding just one teaspoonful of a high-quality, Om Mushroom organic reishi mushroom powder once per day to a hot beverage or smoothie gives you the recommended daily serving. Though you may wish to double up and consume two servings a day for the first two weeks, by two months, this functional mushroom should be hard at work supporting your internal environment.

As you strive to maintain homeostatic balance in your physical and mental health, reishi mushroom powder can support you in your wellness goals. This superfood valued in Eastern medicine for over two thousand years is now accessible to you and available in a variety of formats. Choosing a mushroom powder product that contains both the fruiting body and mycelial biomass will give you the full advantage of all of reishi’s unique bioactive components. Including it in your routine will help to ensure you are ready to meet the challenges of your day.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Functional mushroom products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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