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The top natural supplements to support immune system wellness include mushroom capsules.

Top Natural Supplements to Support Immune System

May 04, 2022

Immune system optimization is a hot topic right now. Why? Because keeping your immune system functioning properly is the best way to reduce the chances of infections, allergies, and hypersensitivity reactions that occur when the immune system overreacts. But how can you support your immune system naturally?

As people age, their immune systems become less effective. So it makes sense to support your immune system for the long haul and adopt healthy habits whenever you can. People of all ages can benefit from supportive lifestyle choices that improve their immune systems.

Taking steps to support optimal immune functioning is a proactive way to ensure your natural protective mechanisms are there for you when you need them. Here is a look at the top natural supplements and ways to support the immune system.

Supporting Your Immune System Naturally

Nourishing your body is the best way to provide it with the nutrients it needs to stay in top shape and mount a strong immune response when necessary. There are several common sense ways you can do this:

Eat the Rainbow

Support your immune system by eating a wide variety of colorful fruits and vegetables every day. Colorful foods provide the essential micronutrients required to keep your body and its immune functions in good working order. Essential nutrients–particularly vitamins C, E, A, D, folate/folic acid, iron, selenium, and zinc—are crucial for the immune system to function properly. Several B vitamins are also beneficial. Micronutrient deficiencies that occur when we fail to get adequate amounts of these essential micronutrients in their diets may affect the immune system as well as other vital functions.

Fruits like citrus and vegetables (red bell peppers, spinach, and broccoli) are good sources of vitamin C because they elicit both innate and adaptive immune responses. Seeds and nuts contain healthy fats, minerals, and vitamin E. Black and green teas contain powerful antioxidant flavonoids. In addition, garlic, ginger, and turmeric all support the immune system. By consuming a wide variety of these colorful foods, you can tap into the power of essential micronutrients and fuel your immune system.

Get Enough Exercise and Sleep

Regular exercise and adequate sleep contribute to good health. Prioritizing both can go a long way toward supporting your overall well-being and immune system. Adults should get 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep while teens and children need even more. Getting a good night’s sleep is critical for your immune system.

Avoid Unnecessary Challenges

While exercise challenges your body in positive ways, there are other challenges that are not so good for you. These include chronic stress, which takes a serious toll on your body and weakens the immune system. Nicotine use and excessive alcohol consumption stress the body as well.

Promote Gut Health

Your gut microbiome is an important component of the immune system, helping to keep it in balance. Consuming foods that contain prebiotic fiber helps to support a diverse gut flora. Whole grains, plants, and mushrooms are good sources of healthy fiber. They help your digestive system run smoothly while supporting a healthy gut flora.

Top 3 Natural Supplements to Support Immune System Functioning

When trying to support the immune system naturally, people often choose foods and supplements that promote healthy immune functioning. A robust immune response will help protect against invading pathogens. The top natural supplements to support immune system health include:

  • Multivitamins with minerals that provide a range of essential micronutrients
  • Herbs: echinacea, oregano, and thyme provide phytonutrients that support immune health
  • Functional mushrooms are natural whole foods that offer many benefits for the immune system

Functional Mushroom Supplements for Immune Support

Functional mushroom supplements fulfill many of the functions that support the immune system. First, they contain important micronutrients, including B vitamins, selenium, copper, and zinc. They also contain bioactive compounds like glutathione, beta-glucans, and additional antioxidants that support immune health. In addition, functional mushrooms contain substantial amounts of prebiotic fibers which are essential for maintaining a healthy gut flora. Several mushroom species are also classified as adaptogens that help the body maintain homeostatic balance and combat stress.

The top mushroom supplements for immune support include species revered for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine. Om Mushroom Superfood combines these whole food mushrooms in powerful blends to provide supportive, all-natural supplements. You can feel good about mushroom powder supplements cultivated indoors on gluten-free, organic oats. With great attention to detail and careful observation of strict quality standards, Om products are free of pesticides, heavy metals, and environmental toxins. Third-party testing ensures a high quality supplement you can feel good about including in your daily routine.

When seeking natural supplements to support immune health, functional mushroom powder checks off a lot of boxes. Available as tasty broths, drink mixes, and capsules, Om products are convenient options for anyone looking to support his or her immune system. As Benjamin Franklin appropriately observed, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This is especially true for your immune system.

Om Mushroom offers natural supplements to support immune system health. Every mushroom product contains the proper functional mushroom dosage to enhance your body’s natural immune functions. To experience these benefits yourself, shop now or subscribe to save!

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Functional mushroom products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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